The filter's diagrams and pressure drop curves are considering mineral oil with a kinematic viscosity of 30 cSt and with specific gravity "ps" of 0,86 Kg/dm3.
For oils with different viscosity features, the following correction factors have been applied at the Δp0 (30 cSt) values obtained on the curves:
the pressure drop is directly proportional to the oil density "ps", so in case you have ps1≠0,86 -> Δp1=(Δp0xps1):0,86
the pressure drop through the filter element varies in function of the kinematic oil viscosity, so in case you have a kinematic viscosity V1(cSt) different from 30 cSt:
· for kinematic oil viscosity ≤ 150 cSt -> Δp1 = Δp0x(V1:30)>
· for kinematic oil viscosity > 150 cSt -> Δp1 = Δp0x[V1:30+√(V1:30)]:2

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